Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Power of Google Analytics

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There are actually a lot of tools that you can make use of when you want to assess the performance of your sales leads. One of them is Google Analytics.

What Is It?

Google Analytics is a free application that allows businesspersons and website owners to analyze their sales leads: where they come from and what pages they have visited. Moreover, you can keep track on the performance of your marketing campaign, whether they are driving the right kind of traffic or giving you the most ideal results, so that you will be able to make the necessary changes and improvement.

What Are the Benefits of Google Analytics?

There are several things that you can look forward to with Google Analytics:

1. It is completely free. With the kind of economy that the whole world is facing right now, you don’t need an additional expense. Fortunately, Google Analytics can be availed of for free. All you need is to sign up. Your account can also be utilized when you want to make use of other Google services, such as Adwords or Adsense. If you already have a Google account before, you can already use it for Google Analytics.

2. You can use it together with your sales leads software. If you are currently utilizing a sales lead program, Google Analytics becomes an ideal partner. While the former can be used to keep track of your sales leads and can serve as a database, Google Analytics will help you feed other important information such as where the leads came from and their behavior while they are on your website. Together, they can help you gauge if you are actually driving the right kind of visitors to your website or that your online marketing campaigns are really doing well.

3. It is very easy to set up. Google Analytics is not a complicated product at all. Once you sign up, you just need to add your website and copy the code that Analytics can generate for you. You can then paste it to your website, so it will be able to keep track of your visitors.

4. You can customize the dashboard. The dashboard is configured in a way that it becomes a lot more convenient for you to pass statistical data from one person to another. You can place all the most essential information right into your dashboard and send it directly to key people, such as your sales manager or your sales agents.

5. You can compare your online marketing campaigns. Do you want to know which of your online marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not? You can use Google Analytics to provide you with the right answers. It has the ability to let you know where most of the leads come from, such as direct sites, search engine, or from referral websites. You can also determine how many of them click your ads and which ads are getting the most of click-throughs. This way, you can make better decision about it. After all, you would not like to maintain an ad that is driving a very small amount of traffic. Otherwise, it is going to cost you a lot, but you will have very little return on your investment.

6. You can compare your performance with that of the industry. Would you like to know where you actually stand against your competitors? Google Analytics has a benchmarking system, where you can identify the standards of the industry you are in and compare it to yours.

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