Thursday, December 4, 2008

6 Good Reasons Why You Need to Do Web Analytics

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When it comes to lead management, it’s never enough that you go through the usual process, which is scoring, distribution, and prioritization. You must learn how to keep track of results, especially when you’re doing online marketing.

Defining Web Analytics

As the name suggests, Web analytics is about evaluating the results that you can gather through the World Wide Web. It’s applicable for those who are marketing their websites in the Internet, as well as for those who have more than one market segment.

There are a lot of tools that can be utilized when it comes to Web Analytics, the most popular of which is Google Analytics. However, regardless of your choice, the benefits and eventually the uses of Web Analytics don’t change.

What You Get from Web Analytics

Knowing the benefits of Web Analytics is not only ideal for those who are in doubt about it or don’t have any idea of what it is. The learning will also be perfect for those who are doing it, and yet are getting the wrong results. Perhaps they have veered away from the main objectives of Web analytics and thus interpreted the results gathered the wrong way.

1. You can have all the essential questions garnered. When you want to evaluate results, you should always start with some questions. These queries should be answered by the data that you have. When you’re doing Internet marketing, you should be able to raise the following?

Who are my visitors?
How did they find my website?
How long did they stay in my webpage?
What keywords did they use to find my website?

2. You can better understand the behavior of your customers. Web Analytics will also give you an idea of how your potential customers are behaving, and you will be able to identify the underlying causes. For instance, you will discover where they are coming from and assess if you’re really driving the right customers into your website. You can also determine how many visitors you are getting every day and compare it to your conversion rate. If you have high click-through rate but you have very low conversion rate, then there must be something wrong with your marketing campaign or that the products you’re selling may not be the ones that are needed by your visitors.

When you are able to clearly define customer behavior, it will be a lot easier for you to develop marketing campaigns that will be geared toward them. You can also make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you can look forward to a much higher conversion rate.

3. You can test your different marketing campaigns. Would you like to know what online marketing strategies are working? You can always make use of Web Analytics. For one, it can help you identify which of the chosen keywords are currently being used by most of your visitors. You can also discover keywords that can be highly targeted, but you may have not properly optimized. This way, you will be given different ways on how to drive traffic to your webpages.

Web Analytics cannot really specify which kind of campaign is working for you or not, such as e-mail marketing. Nevertheless, with the figures that you can derive from it, you can evaluate your marketing techniques.

4. You can compare your data with industry benchmarks. In reality, this is something quite difficult to do, since there can be different methodologies used by companies belonging to the same industry. However, you can already have a good idea where you are among your competitors. After all, besides achieving high profits, you should also learn how to beat other businesses in the same field.

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