Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Analytics Tools that You Can Use for Free

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Why do you need to perform lead analytics? There are a lot of reasons, but we’ll try to focus on another important process in lead management: lead scoring. In here, you are going to use a set of criteria to determine which among your huge collection of leads are qualified to become customers. These could be in terms of their purchasing power of explicit information such as their age, educational background, or salary range—simply put, their demographics.

These explicit data are given by your leads. They may fill out a registration form or answer a survey. Your sales agents may ask these directly from your prospects. Now, the problem is that not all information can be true. If you are going to use these data for lead scoring, then it means the model itself has a potential of becoming wrong.

You need lead analytics to determine another kind of demographic information: implicit ones. They can provide you with more insights of the behavior or interests of your leads. How long did they stay in your website? Did they fill out a customer form? How many times did they check your e-mail or web page?

You can also perform web analytics if you have some tools with you. Fortunately, a lot of them can be used for free.

Let’s begin with Snoop. This application, unlike most web analytics programs, is desktop-based. This means that you need to download this into your system. There’s no need to worry, though, as this works in almost all kinds of operating systems. This is also ideal if you’re a terribly busy individual. You basically don’t have the time to continuously check your web-based programs. Snoop can provide you with news if something happens. For example, you will be alerted when a previous visitor once again check out your web page. You can also determine how many returning visitors you have and where they come from. Usually, you will know of any event through a sound produced by the software. You can also tag your visitors, so you can easily identify them in your system.

If you want something that is easy to use, comprehensive, and, most importantly, convenient to customize, you can select BBClone. This one doesn’t depend on other services in order to generate information for you. It can also be personalized according to the needs of your business. For instance, you can change its language or use it for a lot of website platforms like Wordpress or Drupal. It can also produce log files. Some of the information that you can get out of this is website traffic, geographical location, and preference.

Then you have 4Q. This software is quite different from the other two. It is actually a user feedback that you’re going to send to your leads when they visit your website. The main objective with this is that you need to support the numbers that you can come up with the other programs. For example, BBClone will tell you that 50 percent of your visitors are currently located in the East Coast, but it doesn’t really provide you with more information as to his interest on your business. With 4Q, you can create real customer feedback to identify the kind of relationship he wants to establish with your company. What products is he interested in? Would he like to be a business partner, or is he already an existing customer?

These tools can then work alongside your Google or Yahoo Analytics. But there’s one thing you need to do first: train your sales agents in using them. These programs will still be useless if they cannot be maximized to their fullest potential.

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