Friday, March 13, 2009

Google Analytics: What Do You Exactly Track?

A lot of my readers have been asking me about what are the different things they have to be mindful of when it comes to Google Analytics. I definitely understand. I have been talking about web analytics, and yet I have never really tackled much on how and what to track. Well, today is the day. 

I will tell you the top things to monitor when you have Google Analytics:

File Downloads. 

Normally, if you have a website, you can have a lot of files that you’re willing to share to your Internet users. You also have a short description of what they are (that’s how you actually encourage them to download the files). You should know that only those who are interested with further information will download them. Fortunately, Google Analytics allows you to keep track of the files that have been downloaded, regardless of what they are. Moreover, you will not only know which files have been downloaded, but also how many times they have been saved in somebody else’s computer or laptop. You will then have an idea which type of information your target market are looking right now. 


This is excellent if you have been running blogs into your website, or if you have been promoting your products and services through blog posts. There are two types of activities that you have to take note of. First is how many people clicked on your Submit Comment. You also have to be mindful of those who click on Post Comment. Normally, just by looking at your blog posts, you will already have an idea of how many pages have been visited and frequently commented. However, this simple technique will only be ideal if you are talking about comments on recent posts. It will be more difficult if your readers have been commenting on your posts written several months back. Your Google Analytics therefore will provide you with a more comprehensive detail when it comes to blog comments. 

Opening of New Accounts. 

You may also want to pay attention to the new opened accounts. Again, there are two types that you have to watch out. First, how many of them have successfully completed the registration form, and how long did they take to do it? Second, how many weren’t able to finish the form, and where did they actually stop? The answers to these questions will help you identify if you have a very effective lead form for your customers or not. If it took them so long to finish the form, then you may have to shorten it, so there will be more people who get to finish them. You can also evaluate the questions that you’ve made. Perhaps some of them are not that really important. You can remove the fields from the form. 

Newsletter Subscriptions. 

You may argue that you do have a mailing list. Well, mailing lists just contain the list of names and addresses. It would not tell you if your newsletter has been opened or which of the URLs that you have included were actually clicked by your e-mail users. Google Analytics becomes handy since it gives you figures that you can use to calculate your conversion rate. You can then assess if the newsletter is bringing in profits, or if you have to change this method of marketing campaign to make it more appealing to your readers. 

Again, I would recommend it that you get to know your Google Analytics a lot better. If you’re not a member, then do so. It’s completely free, and you can run it together with your lead manager.

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