Friday, March 27, 2009

Organizing Your Lead Analysis and Metrics

Lead tracking and management are very important, yet they are also cluttered tasks. Why is that? It is because you have to face a lot of lead information and lead analytic results every day. Before you get a big headache, you must be able to find a way to work some way out of the pile of “debris” before it overwhelms you.

The answer to that is organization. You must be able to find a way to streamline the flow of information that will maximize your efficiency and productivity. This is so that you will not be confused and be eaten alive by your lead management tasks every day. So how can one do that? 

Here are few tips on how you can introduce some semblance of organization into your lead management department: 

You must understand that not all leads and information you receive are important. 

This is true. In all forms of Internet marketing, regardless of whatever product they may promote, not all leads that are generated are important. This is because not all of them may want to buy the product you are offering. Others may have signed up for the offer just to get the freebie that you are giving away. As an Internet marketer, you need to be able to separate the ham from the spam in this line of work. 

Take note of all important leads. 

In this step, you should be able to keep track of all the important leads. One way of doing this is to organize them by lead score. The lead score is indicative of how much interest the lead has for your product; the higher the lead score, the greater the chances that you can convert this lead into a customer. Using the lead score, you can come up with some sort of dashboard in which you can see which leads are more likely to buy your product. They should then be monitored closely and regularly. 

Use simple reports. 

One common mistake that marketers make is to rely on complicated reports. That can be time-consuming, and sometimes these reports do not show much result that you can use. In order to save time and increase efficiency, it is better to structure your lead tracking reports simply. This way, you can see the data you need easily without having to figure out what each field in a table means. This is what you would usually do just to know where you stand in your marketing efforts. 

Advantages of an Organized Lead Analytics Scheme

Here are some of the benefits of an organized lead tracking scheme:

The appropriate action is taken for every lead. 

When you organize your lead tracking, you can gauge as accurately as possible the level of interest that the lead has for your product. This way, you can assign him or her to the appropriate marketer or sales agent in charge of a specific action. For example, a very interested lead can be assigned to someone in charge of making a sales pitch, while a less interested lead can be subjected to further nurturing and persuasion. 

Everything moves faster. 

With an organized lead tracking operation, there is less or no time wasted on shuffling through papers or reports just to know which lead should be assigned to whom. Everything shall move smoothly and quickly; leads are assigned to the person who is best trained to deal with them. Because of that, a lot of results are generated in a shorter time compared to the time when you were still messy and disorganized. 

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