Friday, April 10, 2009

The Things Web Analytics Teach You

We have already talked about web analytics a lot of times. We have also covered a number of programs that can be useful for this process. You may assume then that the information that you are going to receive will be dependent on the application that you are using. For instance, if you are a Google Analytics fanatic, the data that you are going to receive include where the traffic is coming from, how they arrive at your website, how long they have stayed, and what pages they are viewing. 

However, you can summarize all the messages of your web analytics programs into three things. 
• They tell you about your website design and content, 
• the marketing campaigns you have launched, 
• and the behavior of your prospects. 

What about your marketing campaigns? 

A web analytics program can tell you how your marketing strategies are doing. Let us use an illustration: Let us suppose that you are using a PPC campaign to promote your website. With Google Analytics installed in your website, you can then determine which of the clicks came from your PPC. You can then evaluate, depending on how many and value of the clicks you receive, if your PPC campaign is helping you in marketing your websites. Are you getting the right traffic into your website? Will your conversion give you good returns to your PPC investment? 

Web analytics then can tell you which of the techniques that you have are working or not. Then, you can make the necessary changes to improve your poor-performing strategies. You can determine if the keywords you have chosen are the right ones or not. You will also have an idea if your marketing techniques are geared towards your chosen niche. 

What about the website content and design? 

A lot of online business owners think that website design is enough to drive people into their pages. There are also others that says that content is still king. The answer is that Internet visitors are more inclined to visit a website with relevant, accurate information, as well as well-designed website. 

A web analytics program can also be used to confirm if you have a well-written content and well-designed website. First, you can identify which parts of your website are getting the most clicks. Is it your Product page or Contact Us page? You can also identify how long an Internet user has stayed in your webpage. If it does not take long enough, you may want to know what is wrong with the page. It could be because the pieces of information that you shared on the page are outdated or lack more relevant data. You can make the necessary corrections and check if the changes done elicit the kind of response that you are looking for. 

What about user behavior?

This is considered to be the most ideal information that you can obtain from a web analytics application. When you know the habits of your Internet users, you can identify who among them will be your prospects. You can then pick among your prospects the most qualified leads. 

For one, you can identify the pages they have visited. Those who have checked out your Product page and Contact Us page are more likely interested on what you have than those who are only checking out your homepage. Moreover, those who have been visiting your web pages quite a number of times may exhibit interest more than those who checked them once. 

There are several features that you can utilize from your web analytics program, but you have to ensure that you can maximize their use. 

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